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The artificeral ways are known to alchemists and runewrights, scholars of fringe knowledges and philosophies. Modern acedamia deems rune smithing a magical art, where as alchemy as a science. Although the art of Rune smithing was born in Toladae, Alchemy seems to be foreign.

Alchemical Sciences

The Origins of alchemy is murky, however it is widely agreed upon that ancient Toladae scholars achieved many innovations that would be exported far and wide. Modern Alchemy is distinct from PrimordialAlchemical Study.

Primordial Alchemical Study

Rune Smithing

Using various infusions, powders and the runic carvings of the Old Titans, one can enhance the properties of various materials.


Maegin Rune:

Maegin bolsters the inscribed weapon's strikes, making it less likely to graze off or dull upon impact.

Hogir Rune:

Hogir infuses magical energies that increase likelyhood to deflect or repell damage that may impact the armour it is inscribed to.