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Starting out in the city of Yal'dor, a group of bored and pennyless youngsters and an overly faithful priest proceeded to become blasphemous fugatives, now trying to find their place in the ever dangerous world.

Book One: Trust. 5e Levels (1-5)

Sessions Ran: 11.

Dante, Hondo, Darek, Treyana, Zanros. Featuring: Jeremy, Seth.


  • Yal'dor, Dante, Iessei, Darek, Hondo and Treyana met at bar, commited religious crimes. Fled to docks, stole a dingy and assualted some gaurds.
  • Landed on the other end of the Siren's Sea at , Blackwode Marsh near the Sabun region, Dante's homelands. Attacked by a bald, invisible dog while camping, harvested it's pelt.
  • Arrived in Kara's Vale, met Zanros. -Zanros Joins Party.
  • Asked by Madam Mistra to ward off the raiding goblins, and retrieve any children that were stolen.
  • Goblin Genocide. Young Hobgoblin leader killed. Some female and children goblins fled into the forrest.
  • Madam Mistra ordered the remaining children to follow the party, told to take them to Gorfhiem.
  • Issei stayed behind, to claim the near empty town as his own. Never seen again. Full moon, 32nd of Out-Summer.
  • Arrived in Gorfheim, Dnate greeted by Thalia on her way out. Reunited with old friend, Jeremy, and old antagonist, Sentriek. -Jeremy Joins Party.
  • Delivers children to Sentriek.
  • Party meets Lady Rosavelle, they join her on liberating the mine of orcs.
  • Darek finds out of Jeremy's angelic heritage. Jeremy now knows why expectations were high of him growing up.
  • Party cleans out the Moat House, slays the giant crayfish and rids the dungeon of sacreligeous artifacts.
  • Party joins Caltanese trade caravan to Ashshire. Arrives a few days later.
  • Zanros, Treyana and Hondo take up jobs and training. Meet Treyana's contact, Varius, an opium dealer and procurer. Thieve's guilds in Nattanark are threatening eachother.
  • Zanros and Hondo break into a libram. Zanros meets Agham of Prin. Nearly dies, Agham flees, they swear to meet for a propper duel.
  • Darek, Hondo, Dante and Jeremy exorcise a house. Jeremy leaves to join a troupe. -Jeremy leaves the Party.
  • The Party is commisioned by an elderly farmer to investigate decaying crops. Corpses in field, tracks lead to burning pits.
  • Guul found taking corpses from burning pits, each have a symbol animating them in their flesh. The Tracks lead back to Blackwode Marsh. Seth of Dale sees them slaying the Guul he was hunting, asks them to aid him killing The Dragon. -Seth joins the Party.
  • Party travels to Caltan, finding an abandoned cottage in the Blackwode Marsh. Arrives at Caltanese Borderlands. Meets and trades with a Salamandi, far from home.
  • Caught up in the conflict between two winged beasts, fighting over a cow caracass. Dante survives a near-fatal drop, Seth takes a trophy and Zanros deems these as "Draconids".
  • Next day Treyana and her hound are missing. Tracks lead to a rock with a wylder elf female sunbathing. Aiden is actually a beast-man, a master of illusions. she is mutilated and slain, Treyana is retrieved unconcious.
  • Arrives in Aber, Caltan. Treyana is take to herbalist and given rest. Rest of the gang partakes in games and gambling in the Games Hall. Gets in debt. Darek wins someone's property. Harot readings are had.
  • News of Tanium Civil War, Seth and Zanros think The Dragon is on Loneart Isle. Hired by merchant vessel as security on the way to Latorn. Fights of Fishmen, similar to ones from the Moat House.
  • Arrives in Latron, where half of the party are wanted for treason. Quickly hires a boat and sails off to Loneart Isle.

Short Stories I: Seals. P2e Levels (1)

Sessions Ran: 3.

BIG, Fitzgerald, Koribar, Nebelwerter, Tobias.


  • Magistrate Faust of Vendorf held a weddign party for his new wife, a woman shrouded in mystery- Rumours stated that their official weddign had weird and foreign traditions to the Vendorfi methods. All sorts of people from near and far are welcomed to the party to give gifts for the newly wedded nobilty.

Book Two, Chapter I: Tending Wounds. P2e Levels (8)

Sessions Ran:3.

Cast: Galdur, Vall, Zanros.


  • Zanros aquires a prosthetic arm and is allowed to heal under the watch of a grumpy hermit, Galdur. They quest off on a journey of personal growth, soon accompanied by the star-seer, Vall.
  • The joureny to the mountains is long and harsh. The three rest at an abandoned mine, where Vall's heretical blessings allow them to view how the miner-folk came to their end. All of them where annihilated by brute savagery and scorched by lightning.
  • Atop the mountain Zanros approaches a fell steed that exhales thick dark smog. The steed warns him of endtimes and rebirth through agony before departing. Vall and Galdur notice a blue scaled anthropoid with a large flat tail and carrying little of whats left of a lance.
  • Aghim is so confident in his ability to defeat his fellow runewright that he challenges Zanros and his allies to battle. Zanros tries to talk Aghim out of conflict but Aghim claims that the only way to ascend to dragonhood is through conquest.
  • Zanros, Vall and Galdur use their high ground and magic to overwhealm the Dragon Knight, Throwing him off the plateu to the rough stairs below. Zanros claims Aghim's life and spirit, as this was the fate the mutant chose. Aghim had defeated 2 other runewrights prior to his death, and already looked like a drake.
  • The three wounded meditate and reflect at the moutain top, Vall's faith and knowledge in the cosmos rallies morale amongst them.

Book Two, Chapter II: New Blood. 5e Levels (7)

Sessions Ran:3.

Hondo, Percival, Seldin, Ti.


Book Two, Chapter III: A New Home. P2e Levels (8)

Sessions Ran:5.

Galdur, Vall, Zanros.

  • Returning to Gorfhiem with his new companions Zanros talks to Sentriek, tellign him about the Tower, Seth and in turn asks about the town's situation. Things don't look good as Gorfhiem is the last remaining settlement in the Sabun region and Sentriek has retired his role as elder in favour of the new high priestest, Mother Bana. Zanros asks if the keep nearby is in use and negotiates a deal with the druid, obtaining the rite to the land and what lays on it.
  • Galdur, Vall and Zanros progress to the decrepit keep to find it occupied- bandits and thieves claim Sabun is lawless and thus they own the keep as long as they stand within it and extort the roads nearby. The three are allowed in to talk with the squatters' leader, a Halfling lady and old friend of Dante's, Thalia. She and her goons try to get the three to leave, Galdur taking her tone as threatning and sick of the circular conversation, hurls a table at the halfling, provoking a fight where the highwaymen reveal they have a gunman stationed on the palisade. Despite her swift movements and goons that outnumber the foreigners, Thalia and her hand of the Silver Moon are slain and The fort is claimed by right of conquest as well as succession.
  • The fort's repairs are planned and with the employment of the Sabian locals, drained, consecrated and reestablished into a respectably motte-and-bailey- Ausrei Sanctumnus. The keep gets the occasional guest and sometimes merchantry travels through and trades goods. A group of troublemaking strangers have come to the fort a few times to ask for aid from the "Dark Elf" and "Star-Seer" with trouble where the town of Dale once stood. Travelers leaving Ausrei Sanctumnus often warn others heading that way to steer clear of the dwarf and his workers- "They say his temper has cost them hundreads of silvers in furniture alone."
  • Whilst Gladur provides the workermen with comradery and Vall oversees the region's destiny and consecrates the blighted basement, Zanros and Sentriek take Bana from a hairy halfling and dragon knight, promising to help look after her while they investigate the swamps the that are popping up in numerous rumours and wive's tales of recent.
  • Between the three of them and numerous tomes, Vall, Sentriek and Zanros struggled to determine the nature of Bana's illness, the purpose of the fetish or the connection between it and Bana's child. Sentriek was forced to ask help from his past-wife, Nasivmme, the magical botanist near the Montier-Bleau region and the city of Vendorf. Nasinmme was able to identify the curse bound to the amulet and that its power syphons life from a host to a recipient. Her sanguine magicks unwove a few of the pendant's barriers and informed the witch that one of the creatures used in the syphoning would die in order for the curse to be undone and rid Banna of her illness- or allow for the infant girl to grow and leave the child orphaned. With this knowledge, Zanros headed out to the Darkwode to confront the mysterious Granny Iva Lardstratle, in hopes she would have a way of undoing the curse with no ill-effects.

Book Three: ---. 5e Levels (7-X)

Sessions Ran:.

Hondo, Percival, Seldin, Ti, Zanros.


Three would-be tomb robbers set out to find a fabled elven ruin in the misty mountain base near Dastin.

Book One: False Coins. P2e Levels (1-X)

Sessions Ran:.

Cara, Hilda, Valignant.



Meeting up at the Tavern by the Old Hanging Tree, a group of ragtag ratcatchers comprised of a doper, troubadour, witch and a dragon-knight set off to discover the mystery of Dale- a town burned down weeks before notice spread.

Book One: ---. P2e Levels (1-X)

Sessions Ran:.

Ayona, Hanze, Harry, Rossanna, Shamir. Featuring: Dom, Etoile.