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This Wiki is a Dungoens & Dragons 5e & Pathfinder 2e custom campaign and world wiki designed to be easily accessible for it's original players. It uses external content and properties that is not owned by either the players or the Game Master (all external products will be sourced).

Heraldry and coats of arms used have been made with the use of Tavern Sign Crator, Worldspinner, and various vector images found online. Please note that all material used for flags, arms and heraldy are place holders and are subject to change. Please support the original creators of these tools.

Not all material presented on this wiki is original, any borrowed material will be sourced.

Current Setting PDF.


Domum Wiki and it's users are not at all affiliated with either Wizards of the Coast or Paizo Publishing. This is just a hub for our content using their products.

Major Updates

  • V.1.0 of the Domena Setting Guide is being worked on!

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