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Kara's Vale exists within a woodland clearing, with a population of less than 6 adults. It's population has been rapidly declining due to Goblin raids.

  1. Well: The well in town, when inspected with the Detect Magic spell, emitted an aura of Transmutation Magic.
  2. The Blackwodes: The woods surrounding Kara's Vale are called the Blackwodes, possibly due to the hamlet's aversion to entering. within the Blackwodes a goblin tribe lived inside a hollowed out hill.
Goblin lair.jpg

Goblin's Map


Kara's Vale used to be 92% Men 2% Half-Elf, 2%Hobgoblin and 4% Halfling. By the time the players arrived, the population was at 2 adult men and 3 children.

Notable People

Notable Locations

  • Madam Mistra's Bar