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Toldae is a small, coastal marsh country, with a humid climate. It is sometimes called the Belt of the World, or Corsvin-Moquene in Domena.




Redstone Marsh



The native culture of Toladae consists of the Urok peoples, comparable to the orcs and goblins of Domena, It is believed that due to the ability to interbreed, both the Urok races are different divergents of the same species. The offically recognised calendar of Toladae is the Urok Calendar.


Fairly numerous and native Toladae. Although not true goblin-kin, Orc biology and culture is so compatible that an orc female can bare the young of a few orc and goblin fathers at the same time- rarely will more than 2 of the litter survive child birth.

  • Taureon
  • Aldenian


Debated to be the most abundant of peoples, due to their swift breeding cycle and short lifespans. Infant goblins are birthed in litters of 3-5.

  • Taureon
  • Aldenian
  • Murksan


Residing exclusively in the northern forrests and plains, the Gyzantinian men are known to favour wine and cider brewing as a career, and usually live under a local baron- though some communities are ruled by foreign governments. It is unknown if men are native to Toladae or migrated during an event long forgotten.

  • Gyzantinian


Of the more common natives.

  • Spriggin - averaging around 5'3", with slim builds, lankey limbs, olive skin and upwards tilted ears.
  • Vineyard- usually muscular, averaging out at 6'0" and olive skin. They tend to have rounded smaller ears and flattened noses.


Overgrown semi-aquatic reptiles, with basic sapience. boslisks are rare, solitary and hyper aggressive. Due to their rarity, scholars have catagorised the boslisks into three types. It is believed that boslisk are carnivorous but rumours hint to a more omnivorous diet.

  • Dred- muscular challenging predators
  • Hydrean - cunning ambush predators
  • Larioros - swift pursuit predators