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The capital city under the Invincible Overlord's rule, famed for it's high standard of living and once host to extravagant balls and festivals.


Yal'dor's racial demographics show man to be the most prominent of people, it's expected that most establishments one would visit wiouldn't be owned and operated by an elf or dwarf.

Notable Locations

9-Lives Pub

The owner is a stumpy male man, with orange hair and callused features. The 'party' was formed by the promise of coin and adventure by Issei, some members only joined on the condition that their faith would be spread and others to eliminate their boredom. This lead to heretical preaching within premises, causing the owner to kick out the entire patronage. The owner seems to be a mul or was a dwarf at some point.

Red Pentacle Inn

Treyana's old contractor used to tell her that The Red Pentacle was the best way to spend a weekend after overtime- a nice change from home with nicer drinks.

The Royal Ballroom

Can be rented out for events. The crowd drawn to it are usually the wealthier kinds.


Rests at the edge of the city's borders and has access to the Siren's Sea. The party stole numerous things from the store as well as a dingy and evading guards.