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Zanros, using his knowledge of the Language of the Dragons created a cipher bases on the Draconic runes, he calls Greyspeak.

He was born and raised in a distant hidden land, ruled by elders. His mother, a Teraani native spent much of her life protesting and fighting for a modernisation of the nation before her husband and son were both eventually banished from the deserts.

During his time in Domena, Zanros had aquired a delapitated keep part in favour and in coin from the people of Gorfheim. Once rennovated it was named Ausrei Sanctumnus.

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Teraani Capital Flag



Swordsman Half-elf who trained Zanros in bastard swords during time in Ashshire.


Dwarf hermit who lives in the forests north of Latron. Grumpy and aggressively irreligious.

Vall Venlen

Tidal Elf wandered and fanatic of the Black Tapestry.

Aghim of Prim

Now deceased rival and fellow runewright- once a man transformed into a dragonborn by royal alchemist.

The Runes


'Runewright', 'Etcher', 'Scribist' and 'Word-Blade' are lose translations of old Draconic hieroglyphs and text, which relate to men using symbol and text to channel their innate magical abilities. The Tomes of Iroh claim these techniques to be directly influenced by ancient dragon kings, some of which were stolen from their vast libraries.

The Second Runewright

Agham of Prim, a reptillain humanoid, singled out Zanros one night, demanding an honourable duel over Dragonhood. The duel almost had zanros dead, if not for the intrusion of local nightswatch and both party's code of honour. Agham fled Ashshire after promising their next visit to be their last- with Agham as the victor. He also mentioned having killed two other Etchers beforehand.

The Books of Iroh

Iroh II is a catalogue of runes, language and intelligence about the ancient dragons- the book was found by Zanros in his home town.

Iroh II mentions the following runes: Monz, Tarn, Kiva, Vetz and Zigur.

Runestones were discovered to be stored in the Old Keep near Gorfhiem, one of these stones had a rune, not of Iroh II, Arvts. The rest were deciphered as; Zidiv and Karz.

The Draconids

Two large lizard-like beasts, bipedal and twin-winged scraped in the border region of Caltan, accidently getting Zanros and his companions caught up- Zanros directly harmed by the animals' conflict. The creatures had leathery skin and were varied in make-up. He recorded their designs in lead ink.

Harot Readings in Aber

While indulging in drink and games in Aber, Zanros recieved a standard spread Harot reading.

  • Past- The Builder.

Lingering memories of a caretaker or teacher, someone who aided in making you the person you are today, a sculpter of character.

  • Present- 10 of Oaks.

Prosperity and gaining of a comfortable estate, home or den where you will solve many mysteries of your life.

  • Future- Reveresed Justice.

Denile of responsibility, rejection of a burden you or another has placed upon you, resulting in disappointment or tragedy.

  • Connections- Key of Oaks and Reversed King of Roses.

A person in your life seeks to bring an order or create something grand, and you won't be commited or will be outright traitorous to their cause.

Forbidden Knowledge

During his stay in Ashshire, Zanros and Hondo broke into the Cathedral of Arrathis' Librum and read some of the sealed text the church has aqquired:

The Cannon

A book written in reptillan, mostly about battle tactics and wars long past reads:

The cannon.PNG

Silva vo Esque

A beautifully designed book with floral patterns on each page's margines. Although written in Elvish, the speciffic diallect and manner of reading is unknown to Zanros.

Mantis men.PNG

The Dragon of Loneart Isle

Within the tower of Loneart Isle a dragon was rumoured to live. The beast within was not a dragon, nut a hunter of dragons. Sygtrigger was large, blue in skin , like the bastard child of an eel, centipede and a boa. It had at least 5 rows of needled teeth that followed into the throat, thick skin, heavy tough muscles and almost no body fat. Its horns pointed backwards and two sets of yellow front facing eyes. It natively speaks the language of the dragons, although only marginally better than what Zanros could attempt. It's jaws would split into three segments when it conducted lightning strikes towards it's foes, though it favoured maw strikes. Despite his attempts to reason with the beast, it made clear that it viewed him as its prey, a "wyrmling".

The Aftermath

Zanros' arm was destroyed in the fight against Sygtrigger- forcing him to learn fudimental magic tricks and obtain a false arm to aid him on his journeys. His recovery spanned a month in Latron under the care of a blind seer. The blind seer told him to follow the stars and those he finds towards his destiny atop the moutnains.

Duel of Dragonhood

At the top of the Tanium Mountains, Zanros, Galdur and Vall witnessed a black steed, eyes of embers and made of charred bones and plumage of smoke. The steed exhaled a gas that allowed it to communicate with Zanros, warning of end times and a world reborn before acknowledging the man behind the travellers and leaving via dimensional tear.

Aghim of Prim, now more bestial, carried no weapon, and cared not for the uneven fight- demanded he and zanros finally end their game of cat and mouse. Aghim claims he has killed 2 runewrights in total, and needs to end 4 more, zanros beign his next. The travellers ganged up on the fallen knight, using the terrain and their magicks to their advantage- eventually brigning the wannabe dragon to his knees and allowing zanros to claim ultimate victory over him and his draconic spirit.


  • Zanros and Treyana disagree on the existence of dragons. - Point Zanros